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Everyone loves Mother Earth and hence to preserve it, all try to do their bit too. When you can turn off the air-conditioner on leaving the house, separate the paper from aluminium or glass in the trash and so on to reduce your impact on the environment, then why don't you opt for eco-friendly organic cotton clothing? It is a like a badge of honour if you don clothes made up of plant dyed organic cotton fabric. If you are getting married and still hunting for the right fabric for your wedding dress, visit wedding dress shops birmingham where you can get numerous options.

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History of Organic cotton

Organic cotton came into existence much before soy, bamboo and coconut fibres. Grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, organic cotton is the most popular fabric available. Products such as bed-sheets, diapers, T-shirts and even wedding dresses can be crafted out of it.

How Organic cotton is better than other Fabrics-

Eco-friendly cotton is produced without the use of harmful chemicals. Not only this, they do not consume a lot of water and energy too. There is less wastage therefore, no harm to the environment. Often renewable sources of energy such as wind or solar energy are employed as opposed to coal. They can be created from recycled materials too. This diverts the waste from the landfills to be utilized for better options. Thus, they are bio-degradable fabrics which can be broken down by natural processes and in the process do not release harmful toxins. In the production of truly organic cotton, animal and plant resources are utilized and usage of sustainable and environment friendly farming techniques for cultivation is preferred. In order to avoid erosion, crop rotation is minimal.

Use of Water

Many people have the opinion that conventional fabrics use less of water. . This holds true only when the farming land is certified organic (which happens only after two or three years of growing transitional crops. However, water usage may sometimes return to less than normal too.


GMO stands for genetically modified cotton crops. Such crops are more common than most of the people realize. These days, even conventional cotton is grown using GMO seeds that are scientifically designed to resist pests and yield more fibre too. Isn't that perfect? But sometimes, the government does not allow the use of GMO seeds for the production of organic cotton due to the fact that they are not as successful as they sound on the paper. But yes, they are much better than the conventional seeds though.

Chemical Dyes

Organic manufacturing facilities involve usage of low impact dyes that are made of clay, minerals or vegetables to create different shades as against solvent based inks containing heavy metals. This makes them all the more environment-friendly.


Organic cotton is not grown in many countries. Places like Turkey, Peru, Africa, India and China grow more organic cotton that the United States or UK. If you wish to buy fabrics made out of this fabric, be prepared to pay the shipping costs.
With numerous advantages attached, no doubt organic cotton is one of the most desirable fabrics available and if you are a resident of United Kingdom then you can find a variety of designer wear crafted out of it, at wedding dress shops Birmingham.